Friday, February 19, 2010

Recent INFOSYS Written Test Pattern

Recent INFOSYS Written Test Pattern

Verbal       - 40 questions 30 min
Reasoning - 30 questions 40 min

Verbal Section

1) Reading Comprehension.
2) Passages. 
Very lengthy and 5 question based on each passage.
3) Theme Detection.-5Q 
Very simple just read RS AGARWAL verbal and non verbal reasoning.
4) Sentence correction.-5Q 
Refer CAT material preferably TIME.
5) Fill in the appropriate word in the blanks with a sentence given.
Go through Most Frequency Words in BARRONS GRE 12th Edition.
Reasoning Section

1) Very simple question on cube was given.
2) Series Completion figures will be given expecting the next figure refer RS AGARWAL.
3) Data sufficiency Questions are asked in basics.Refer TIME material. Examples given in the beginning are enough.
4) Data interpretation This section you can attempt without any practice. Just look at some examples from any good book for data interpretation.
5) Reasoning question This question was a bit tricky names. Places and subjects were given. We should decode that to find which person belong to which place and teaches which subject.
6) Syllogism This is the basic questions. Just refer TIME material for question 5 and 6.Try to memories the table for syllogisms.

Disclaimer: Verbal cut off is 24/40.
                     Reasoning cut off is 18/30
                    Cut Offs are Fixed.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Best Technical & HR Interview Tips,Questions ebooks

Technical and HR Interview ebooks 
This ebooks are made out of picking important and best tips,concepts and questions from MNC Interviews like TCS,INFOSYS,HCL etc.,
You surely get tons of benefit from this stuff friends !! 

Technical Interview Zone

Technical Interview Zone
All these interview questions are previously asked in various MNC's like TCS,INFOSYS etc., So first start preparing the basic fundas of all subjects and work with this Zone.
This Technical Interview Zone is made up of hand picked
important questions that usually asks in any IT Technical interview.
So gear up your preparation with this Technical Interview Zone.
Both Q&A and Concepts also included.
This Technical Interview Zone consists of
2.Data Structures Concepts

Basic C/C++ Programs for technical Interviews

Basic C Programs for Technical Interviews
1. Swap two no’s without using third variable.
2. Reverse a given number.
3. Greatest in 3 numbers.
4. Given no is even or odd.
5. Display first 10 natural no & their sum.
6. Factorial of a number.
7. Given no is a prime no or not.
8. Add two number using pointers.
9. Multiplication of two matrices.
10. Reverse a number using pointer.
11. Swap two numbers using functions.
12. Factorial of a number using functions.
13. Call by value.
14. Call by reference.
15. Factorial of a number using recursion.
16. String is palindrome or not.

Basic C++ Programs for Technical Interviews
1. To add two numbers.
2. Swap two no’s without using third variable.
3. To find out the Greater Number.
4. To find out whether a number is Palindrome or not
5. To find out whether number is even or odd
6. To implement friend function.
7. To implement friend classes.

HR Interview Zone

HR Interview Zone
This zone teaches you how to deal HR Interview and made up of most important and selected HR Questions.Just prepare this HR Interview Zone for HR Interview and nothing more Success will be surely yours !!
HR Interview Zone consists of
1.Ten Tough Interview Questions & Ten Best Answers.
2.64 Interview Questions.
3.Before the Interview.
4.Dressing for Success.
5.Interview Skills & Etiquette.
6.How not to listen?
7.How to face MNC Interviews?
8.The Art of Goal Setting.
9.Tips for Interview.

Best MBA Websites for Preparing

Best MBA Websites for preparing,discussing and anything.
These are really awesome and wonderful.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Download Infosys Power Preparation

Infosys Power Preparation(IPP) is made out of all previous papers of Infosys.First prepare Infosys Power Preparation material and then go for any other stuff. IPP is available in PDF so you can download and read whenever you want.I hope all serious aspirants of INFOSYS would surely make use of this amazing material.
I came to know many of our friends got tons of benefit from T.C.S Power Preparation.I hope the same with Infosys Power Preparation also and wish all the Success in your carrer.
Disclaimer:Never Constraint for only this stuff.
Infosys Power Preparation Contains 
1.Introduction to Infosys
2.Selection Procedure
3.How to prepare
4.Aptitude Test
5.Test of English
7.Interview Puzzles
8.C Questions
9.Data Structures
13.Operating System
14.Interview Tips

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Download TCS Power Preparation

TCS Power Preparation  
TCS Power Preparation Material is amazing, comprising of all previous papers of T.C.S in PDF.You must see this before whatever material you are going to prepare friends !!
Even I done this and greatly benefited for recruiting into T.C.S,hope you would never miss this chance.
Disclaimer:Never Constraint for only this stuff.
This is for getting whole pattern in one glance.Do this first and go for another material since I got tons of benefit from this and recently recruited for T.C.S.
1.About The Company TCS
2.How to Apply TCS
3.TCS Talent Test Procedure
4.Talent Test Preparation
5.TCS Mock Test
6.TCS Quants
7.Select Meaning (Quick Test)
8.Select Meaning (Medium Test)
9.Select Meaning (Thorough Test)
10.Select Word(Quick Test)
11.Select Word(Medium Test)
12.Select Word (Thorough Test)
13.Unseen Passages
14.Logical Reasoning
15.Psychometric Test
16.C Quick Test
17.C Medium Test
18.C Thorough Test
19.Data Structures
21.SQL Queries
22.Computer Networks
23.Operating System

Easy stories to remember the Critical Reasoning answers in Barron's 12th edition.
I got 1 paragraph out of 3 paragraphs in Critical Reasoning section and some of my friends got all the three from Barron's in TCS recruitment Test on Jan 30, 2010.
This section will obviously makes difference in your score!!

I will tell you how to by heart them. Maximum 99.9 % they will give the reasoning paragraphs from the Barrons model papers as it is,
Without changing the order so just by heart them. They are
around 25 reasoning paragraphs with 4 questions leave the reasoning paragraphs  with 6 questions .

Download Barron's 12th Edition Critical Reasoning Short Stories.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

FULL Seminar Papers Downloads

 Actually we can get Seminars & Seminar topics in web but up to certain extent like abstracts or only topic names. I have got a collection of 123 FULL SEMINAR PAPERS of various innovative ideas of Computer Science & Engineering.
I hope these papers will be useful to you for your Seminar Preparation and also for Paper Presentation Contests.
Download Full Papers of your Chosen Topics friends !!

Computer Science & Engineering (C.S.E) Seminar Topics

1.Cryptography & Network Security

2.Artificial Intelligence & Global Risk

3.Advances in Computer Power& Numerical Algorithm

4.Artificial Intelligence



7.PPT on Cellphones & Calls

8.Data Mining

9.Distribution Medium Access for Next Generation


11.Human Oriented Interaction with Robot

12.Identity Management

13.Mobile Computing

14.Mobile MultiRobot Systems

15.Network Security

16.Realtime 3d Human Capture System

17.RealTime Data Warehousing

18.Real Time Systems

19.A PPT on Robots


21.Vending Machine

22.Vistabook Speech Systems

23.Windows Vista

24.Web 3.0

25.Wireless Networks

26.Wireless LAN Security

27.Wireless Application Protocol

28.Wavelet Transforms

29.Voice Over Internet Protocol


31.Artificial Neural Network


33.64-bit Micro Processor

34.Adaptive Control System

35.Composite Materials

36.3D Machine Vision System

37.Air Brake System

38.Genetic Algorithm

39.Fuel Cells

40.Intelligent Cooling System

41.Diesel Engine

42.Metallurgical Changes in Systems

43.Six Sigma

44.Liquid Nitrogen

45.Micro Electro Mechanical Systems

46.Neural Networks

47.Automatic Speed Control Systems

48.Autoconfiguring Artificial Neural Network

49.Bluetooth Technology

50.Bluetooth Technology in Wireless Communications

51.Coding of Digital Audio

52.Contactless Smart Card

53.DCOM Technical Overview

54.CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access)

55.Digital Image Processing

56.Domain Name System

57.Digital Display Technology

58.Distributed Systems

59.Digital Signature

60.e-cash Payment

61.Embedded Systems

62.Free Space Optics

63.Fuzzy Coordination of Facts

64.EDGE Compact and EDGE Classic Packet Data Performance


66.Fuzzy Logic Control Design


68.Fuzzy Logic 

69.Fuzzy Logic in Embedded Systems


71.Hiding Data in Image by Substitution

72.Intelligent Wireless Video Camera

73.High Performance DSP Capability

74.Image Processing

75.Multimedia Messaging Service

76.Mobile ADHOC Network

77.Latest Smart Card Features

78.Micro Controllers Cable MODEM

79.IPV4-IPV6 Transition Technology

80.Mobile Computing

81.Multi Resolution Watermark

82.Nano Technology

83.New Trends in Cryptography

84.Network Custody System

85.RSA Algorithm

86.Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing

87.Organic LED

88.Public Key Infrastructure

89.Satellite Communications

90.Slammer Worm: The Fastest Spreading Bombshell in Internet

91.Security Issues

92.Secure Internet Verification based on Image Processing

93.Smart Antenna

94.Silicon on Plastic

95.Tactile Sensing System Using Neural Systems

96.Smart Card

97.Socket Interface

98.Speech Recognitions Using DSP

99.Storage Area Network

100.Wavelet Transforms

101.Wireless WLAN Security

102.3G Wireless Technology

103.Voice Over Internet Protocol

104.Tool Command Language

105.Enterprise Security

106.Current Differential Protection

107.Application of Genetic Algorithm to Economic Load Dispatch

108.Artifical Intelligent Techniques in Power Systems

109.Application of Shunt Active Power Filter

110.An Expert System for Power Plants

111.Automatic Vehicle Locator

112.Nano Technology in Memory Devices

113.Digital Signal Processors

114.Bio Chips

115.Embedded System Digital Bike Operating System

116.VLSI Design

117.4G Communication

118.Adaptive Missile Guidance

119.Battery Model for Embedded Systems

120.PC tO PC Communication with IR

121.Software Defined Radio

122.Human Computer Interface

123.Cyber Crimes


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Award Winning Paper - Brain Finger Printing (PPT)

Paper Presentation Tips - Brain Finger Printing
I had been asked by some of my friends about the PPT which our team (G.V.D Deekshith & Me) won prizes and appreciations in various colleges. Concept is Brain Finger Printing quite interesting and unique topic which might be one of the reasons for award winning.

The only tip for getting ready to give efficient presentation is PRACTISE, as saying goes Practise makes Man Perfect. Just practice by standing infront of mirror as many times as you can before the actual presentation, then for sure you are going to grab the 1st Place.

Abraham Lincoln, one of the greatest speakers use to practice his content infront of mirror prior to the actual speech though he is crystal clear of his speech.

See even great speakers do practise daily then how should we be then??

Last 10 Years GATE Question Papers and Solutions

Last 10 Years GATE Question Papers and Solutions

Greatness of Kamayyathopu,Vijayawada - RGV

Greatness of Kamayyathopu,Vijayawada-Ram Gopal Varma
I came to know that RGV is a student from Siddhartha and stays in Kamayyathopu Vijayawada and he is fond of theater here.That's all nothing more but when I glanced RGV's blog I was really astonished to see the sole article The Biggest Thrill Of My Life on how he is fond of this place and how he came up.Though he is a big shot now with no odds he blogged lows in his life, that is greatness of RGV.
I'm very thrilled to stay here since 4 years where the Legend Ram Gopal Varma stayed.

Friday, October 9, 2009

JNTU Percentage Calculator

Hi friends, this JNTU Percentage Calculator give your credits and aggregate after every semester automatically by entering your marks very easily.So Stop Calculating percentages and aggregates semester by semester. Simply enter your marks in this excel sheet and save it.It is useful for every JNTU student.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Blessings from Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam !!

Blessings from Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam

Dear Sarath Chandra,

Thank you for your mail. Wish you good luck in your journalistic mission.



J.Sarath Chandra
CSE - B Tech Final Year
P.V.P.Siddhartha Institute Of Technology
Kanuru,Vijayawada-520 007
Andhra Pradesh,India
+91 9491505270

***Click On left Mail Pic to see in Full Size***

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Zeitscrift- CSE Magazine

Zeitscrift - Language Of Inner Thoughts

Zeitscrift is Our(Creating Sensation Everywhere) Department Magazine filled with esteem spirits of Computer Students. Zeitscrift is unique in its style.
We are very proud to say that our Magazine Launching has got blessings from Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam.

Download Group Photos
Click on the image to get Full Size Pic then save it Friends!!

Our HOD Dr K.Nageswara Rao







***WT Lab Experiments***

Hi Frenz
Here is the link for WT Lab Manual and Experiments.
Download n Enjoy !!

Download WT Lab Experiments

With Google Talk being the talk of the town right now, some people loving it, and some hating it, I thought of posting some cool and useful tips and tricks for those who wanna tweak and get some more juice from it. I will try to keep it short and easy.

~Some General Info n Tips~

1. Insert Line Breaks - If you want to have a message that spans multiple paragraphs, just hold shift and hit enter. You can add as many new lines as you want to create.

2. Bold Text - To write something bold, you can use an asterisk before and after the word, like *this*.

3. Italic Text - To use italics, use an underscore before an after the word, like _this_ .

4. Switch Windows - Hitting tab will cycle through open windows. It will select minimized conversations, to expand them just hit enter. If you just want to cycle through IM's and don't care about the buddy list, control-tab will do that and will automatically expand a minimized conversation if you settle on one.

5. Length Of A Single Message - A message can be max 32767 characters long.

Speed Up Specific Programs Which You Want

Follow this little and cool tip to increase the priority of active processes, this will result in prioritization of processes using the CPU which will speed up specific programs you want.

Follow these steps:


2. It will open Windows Task Manager showing current running processes.

3. Now right click on any one of the active processes (whichever you want to speed up), the last option will be of setting the priority. It will have the following options:

  • Realtime
  • High
  • AboveNormal
  • Normal
  • BelowNormal
  • Low
The default option is Normal. Now for example, if you are burning a CD/DVD so set the priority of your CD/DVD writing program high, and guess what, less chances of crashed CD’s.

Change Yahoo Messenger's Title Bar

Hey guys now you can change the Yahoo Messenger 's title bar which this little tweak.
Note: Before trying this tricks make sure to close all instances (windows) of yahoo messenger.

Just follow these steps:
1. Open you yahoo messenger installation folder (default C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger).
2. Then search a file named "ymsgr". Double click to open it. If it doesn't open, then use notepad to open this file.
3. In this file just go to the end and paste the following code in a new line:

CAPTION=Cool Wizard

As you can guess, you can replace the word Cool Wizard with any text of your choice. You can have your own name being placed in yahoo messenger title bar.

Now open your yahoo messenger and see the change.

Enable Right Click on Sites which it disables

Hey now a days lots of websites disable right clicking function of the mouse button. It's really, really annoying. This is done so that you don't steal (via right-click->save picture) their photos or images or any other goodies. Unfortunately, it disables all right-click functionality: copy, paste, open in new window.

But here's a trick to bypass that. But sadly it only works in Internet Explorer:
Follow these steps:

1. Open Internet Explorer.
2. Go to "Tools"->"Internet Options".
3. Click on the "Security" tab.
4. Then click on "Custom Level".
5. Scroll down to the "Scripting" section.
6. Now set "Active Scripting" to "Disable".
7. Now a dialog box will appear. Click yes to confirm the change.
8. Click "OK" and close the tools window.

Note: If this tweak causes some problem while surfing some sites, you'll have to turn that setting back to "Enable". This is because generally javascripts enhances a website.